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First of I would like to thank you for visiting My Site Jagjit Singh Online. I have created this site because I have seen many sites of Jagjit Singh but I haven't found any one that is complete, some sites providing the details some gives ghazals of Jagjit Singh in Real Player or Mp3 format some gives wallpaper some chat and few fans club. So I thought I have to create a complete site. Currently I am not able to make a complete site because of the problem of funds, Since I have to sell something like CDs, Cassettes etc. of Jagjit Singh to get some revenue from site and I have to provide some services so that users of site came back to the site like e-mail, chat, fan club etc. and I don't know much about the Web Designing, So I need a Professional Web Designer to make the complete site and I want to make this site Official Site of Jagjit Singh and to do that I have to contact Jagjit Singh, But before that I have to make this site complete and popular and I ask you that Did you Like to Work with me to complete this site and to make it a Official site of Jagjit Singh. If your answer is Yes than contact me at

Thanks again for visiting this Site & Please If you Don't mind Fill the Feedback Form so that I make this site better than before.

Amarjeet Singh

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